Weight loss doesn't start with food, but with mental and emotional preparation.   


This book will give you a

new perspective - to approach your

next weight loss program with

insight, stamina, and grace.


Weight loss starts with your mind...Not with your behind.  

This is the weight loss information you needed years ago, focusing on the ONE thing that must happen for any weight loss program to be successful.

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If you can relate to any of the situations on this list....



  • You follow food/diet recomendations from your doctor or dietician precisely, but have not lost weight...or you actually gained weight resulting in repeated frustration​
  • You return to your provider, only to be told you must have not been working that hard or not following directions because you've not lost any weight
  • ​You've been accused of not being honest with your provider about what you are eating - but you WERE honest
  • ​You've been going strong on a weight loss plan and  suddenly stopped losing weight
  • ​You gain weight instantly when you exercise
  • ​You can stay 100% on track when your routine is stable, but completely crumble during special situations like family gatherings, holidays, or pot-lucks
  • You find weight loss or maintenance to be increasingly difficult as you age
  • You get the feeling that things just aren't fair when it comes to weight loss
  • You feel it's your own fault that you can't lose weight
  • You feel significant anxiety when stepping on the scale
  • You spend excessive time researching weight loss, or reading articles about how to lose weight
  • You lose weight, only to regain back more than you lost - and you've repeated this cycle several times
  • You've spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on diets, programs, and supplements




Can you relate to anything on that list?






In fact, there are very few people who don't have to worry about their weight.


Maybe there's a "problem", but it's certainly not the one you've been told.


You aren't lazy, and you aren't fudging your food log.  


You're trying hard

~ I know you are










You can stop endless hours of cardio


You can reduce the anxiety you

feel in situations involving food


You can learn a whole new way of

looking at food that makes

weight loss seem effortless


You can stop living by the

number on the scale


You can finally stop being

angry at yourself for "failing" a diet


You can stop comparing yourself

to others




For years I have been overweight. I have tried diet after diet and nothing seemed to work for me. Doctors told me for years I'd never be able to have children either. One visit spent with Dr. Linda Hodges AND She Found Out What Was Wrong. I was severely insulin resistant and swelling like no other after changing my lifestyle, I just found out I'm 10 weeks pregnant! She has changed my life! Such an awesome doctor who truly cares about her patients!!!

Cassie R.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY IF... knew some of the things you've been previously taught have 

actually caused your weight gain, or inability to get the weight off? realized you are headed towards a life of frailty and 

dependence on others as a result of your current dieting practices finally understood why your BFF can drop weight 

on a certain plan, but that same plan does nothing for you


If you are about not just losing weight, but learning how to live a healthy life, please check out Dr. Hodges. I can personally say she is an excellent clinician as well as a person. Cannot recommend her enough.

John Z.


IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE... be on your very last diet

one that succeeds over time with minimal chance of weight regain find peace with how your body works and how it responds 

to different foods, so you can stop feeling 

ashamed that you aren't in the "supermodel" club feel strong and successful?




I am Dr. Linda Hodges, a

triple-boarded physician who specializes in weight-loss medicine.  


After I realized the injustice we have all suffered secondary to poor dietary recommendations and weight-loss advice, I've made it my mission to teach people how to eat.  


I have spent the last 9 years helping people find their successful weight loss journey - which is different for everyone.  

I wrote Weight Loss that Works- Secrets to Restoring Confidence and Reclaiming Your Body based on conversations I have nearly every day with people - whether it be in my private clinic or at my kids' sporting events.  


Almost everyone has the same, or similar, questions and challenges when it comes to weight loss.  I found myself having the same conversations over and over and couldn't believe this information wasn't being shared freely with EVERYONE - by physicians, dieticians, trainers, etc...., because believe me folks - the information is OUT THERE!

Also available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback!

I was referred to Dr. Hodges almost a year ago and it has truly been a life changing experience for me! Dr Hodges is dedicated to educating her patients about the foods that your body needs and has taught me that I can eat and eat well and lose weight without feeling deprived. I have had lasting success with this program and while I am not done with my weight loss, I know that I am on track to reach my goal following the guidelines that I have learned from Dr. Hodges......thank-you!

Tara S.


Exactly what will I learn in this book?

How is this book different than all the other diet books out there?

What is the cost and what if I don't like the book?

Are you available for private consultation?

What if the information in the book contradicts what my doctor tells me?

What credentials does Dr. Hodges hold?

I completed a 3-year residency in Internal Medicine. I was then chosen as part of the University of Iowa's surgical critical care program, where I spent two years in critical care specialty training. While I was in practice, I began self study with regards to diets and nutrition - which had always been a personal interest. I then decided to make that official and sat for my Obesity Medicine certification exam in 2015. I am board certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Obesity Medicine.


Available NOW!




  • Imagine what it will be like to be on your very last diet, one that has very little chance of weight regain

  • Find peace with how your body works and how it responds to different foods

  • Stop feeling ashamed that you aren't in the "supermodel" club (most of us aren't!)

Also available on Amazon in

Kindle and Paperback!